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Nerd in Tartan


[Image above from lookbook.nu]

Here’s what Vasil had to say about today’s ‘style inspiration:’

“How many girls have you heard complain they can’t find anything ‘cool’ to wear or buy? As many as you know? Now, how many guys …

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Cute as a Button

[Image above taken from lookatme.ru]

Today’s ‘style inspiration’ showcases the versatility of street style around the world. Olga Vad, magazine editor from St. Petersburg, sportsĀ  a transformed masculine style with her blue collar shirt resembling a uniform, drop-crotch, and …

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Evel Bow-tiful

[Woori G. a London student; photo found on lookbook.nu]

This week’s style inspirations are extra special, because they’re the selections of everyone’s favorite stylist, Vasil! Yay! Here’s what Vasil has to say of today’s pick:

“I admit …

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Vasil's Guide to Style: Accessorize (and Transform Your Look)!

It’s no secret that everyone is a little strapped for cash these days. When the economy struggles, prices go up and designers cut back on their collections. Most people can barely afford to cover daily expenses, let alone shop for …

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Vasil's Guide to Style: The 2009 Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globes showcased some of the very looks that Vasil predicted to be big this year. Beiges and nudes, blacks and whites, ruffles, oversized accessories and belted silhouettes flooded the red carpet at the star-studded award show, …

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Vasil's Guide to Style: 2009 Style Forecast

Believe it or not, Fall 2009 has almost arrived – in the world of fashion, that is! With New York Fashion week only a few weeks away, designers are getting ready to march their autumn looks down the runway. For …

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What Are You Wearing for New Year’s?

What are you Wearing Banner

By now, you’re probably sick of being asked ‘What are you doing for New Year’s?’ House party? Dance club all-nighter? Watching the ball drop in Times Square? Romantic dinner for two? Here at ModCloth, we’re more interested in what …

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Vasil’s Guide to Style: Mixing Patterns

When asked about assembling an outfit, some fashion experts might say to stick with the basics: one solid, one neutral and one pattern. But, here at ModCloth, we equate not taking risks with not having fun! (Really – how can …

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Winter Weather Advisory: A ModCloth Guide to Outerwear, Part 2

Every now and then, we all need a little advice – especially when it comes to fashion. At ModCloth, we’re lucky enough to have a secret weapon at our disposal, willing to answer all of our style-related questions: ModCloth stylist, …

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