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Mistaken for Strangers: The National’s Surprising New Documentary

Music documentaries are a dime a dozen nowadays – the latest, glossiest releases even come in 3-D – but when we heard the premise behind The National's new documentary, Mistaken for Strangers, we paused what we were doing to click "play" on the trailer video. Read more »

Fall Into a Pretty Pattern with Our New Stylebook

We're dotty for repeating prints like, well, polka dots for one! Our latest stylebook, Patterns at Play, features the pastel-happy pieces you see in action above. Read more »

Playback: ModCloth’s Year in Video

Already feeling nostalgic for 2012, too? Join us as we review our favorite moments in video from 2012. From the breathtakingly beautiful to laugh-out-loud bloopers, these are the magical moments we're glad we caught on camera. Read more »

How to Make Flag Banners, Candle Holders, and Poofs


Searching for summer decoration inspiration? Look no further than this post! Watch our video tutorial on how to create colorful accents that will spiff up your indoor space or add flair to your outdoor festivities. We used them to …

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Exploring the World, In a Shrub


Our latest stylebook has rekindled our wanderlust, and we think we’ve found our preferred mode of transport: Dallas artist Justin Shull‘s “Terrestrial Shrub Rover.”…

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Video of the Day: Advanced Style Advice


It’s not yet noon here at ModCloth’s West Coast offices, but it’s safe to say that Advanced Styles charming new video has taken the title of “video of the day.” Their video for NOWNESS features a bevy …

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The Future of Fashion


I’d like to say something genius about this video because it makes me all sorts of delighted, but really, it stands on its own, no upstart’s comments needed.

Instead, I’ll ask you a question. Now that you’ve seen these …

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Make-Up in the 1940s


We recently stumbled upon this eye-opening make-up tutorial from the 1940s! We’re smitten with the instrumental background music, all of the charming face illustrations, and of course, the narrator’s prim and polished elocution. On the other hand, whoever said …

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Book Drop: Used Bookstore Builds Massive Dominoes Chain

Add this to our list of reasons why we love local bookstores. The folks at Arizona used books chain Bookmans Entertainment Exchange had a little after-hours fun and constructed a massive dominoes structure using (what else?) dozens of books. Bookmans …

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Luke Skywalker Goes Emo


When sharing this video with fellow Fashion Writer and Star Wars fan Richard, his reaction was, “Who knew Luke Skywalker could be so emo?”

Indeed, this paper stop motion video by Eric Power, with music by Jeremy

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