Bridal ModStylist Highlight: How Bride Erinn Found ‘The One’

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but we’re always celebrating love at ModCloth. Why, we get absolutely giddy over Big Day celebrations — just take it from latest wedding campaign. 

For this particularly special story, we chatted with newlywed, Erinn Streckfuss-Legare, for a little behind-the-scenes details on finding “The One” — the dress that is. She shared her experiences using our Bridal ModStylist services, and how finding the wedding dress of her dreams made her Big Day even brighter.

So, what brought you to ModCloth to find the dress for wedding day?

I’ve known about ModCloth for years, but never had the opportunity to purchase anything. When I started looking for a wedding dress, I knew I didn’t want it to break the bank. Also, as a plus size woman, I wanted a dress that would fit me properly. Honestly, I really hate the typical wedding dress. ModCloth had the exact styles I preferred. Simple, elegant, unique, and, best of all, not expensive.

What was it like working with our Bridal ModStylist? How did she assist you? 

My ModStylist was amazing from the get-go. After filling out a survey explaining my style, figure, size, and the kind of wedding I was having, she found several dresses she thought might suit me. She helped me narrow down my selection to the right size and styles.

I had several questions for my ModStylist, and she patiently answered all of them. A lot of times as a customer, I feel like I’m being somewhat of a burden to the employee/consultant. However, I did not feel that all with ModCloth. She was more than happy to answer my questions — all 72 of them! She was amazing in accommodating every single question, glitch, and change I requested. I was very happy having her as my consultant!

Give us the deets about your dress! What do you love about it? Did you know it was “The One” right away? 

I knew it was “the one” right away, and I even ordered 5 dresses! As someone who has a large chest, big butt, and lots of curves, I never know exactly how an article of clothing I order off the Internet is going to fit. The dress I ended up going with was the Grand Staircase Entry Dress in Ivory. It fit me perfectly — like a glove! Like it was made exactly for my body. With an hourglass shape, I often worry dresses will be too tight on my chest. This one had just the right amount of room, while still hugging my waist perfectly. It was sexy while still being modest. I also very much liked the V back as it showed off my tattoo very well (which is something I wanted). I felt very glamorous and elegant in it, but it still has that “simple” bohemian feel I wanted. 

What inspired your wedding day style?

My wedding day style was simply inspired by the type of people my husband and I are. We both love the outdoors. My husband grew up on the Oregon coast and I grew up in the valley. The beautiful nature settings of the PNW was something we really wanted to be a part of our day. We found a wonderful private backyard through a friend that had a lovely grove. It was perfect and had the “forest” feel that makes us love Oregon so much.  If I had to summarize our wedding day style in a few words it would be: Bohemian, Nature-Inspired, laid back, nerdy, non-traditional, and unique.  We only had about 65 guests — our closest friends and family. It was the perfect day…

My dress style was inspired by my love for that vintage, classy look combined with a unique, boho feel. I have lived around and traveled the world. I brought some cultural aspects I very much love into my look, including henna, black contact lenses, and semi-tribal inspired makeup. It was very subtle, but I wanted to feel like “me” and not just some done-up pretty bride. I wanted to look and feel unique — like the person I know I am inside and out. I definitely felt that way. My style was also inspired by comfort. I suffer from a painful chronic disability, so comfort is very important to me.

How did you accessorize? Did you wear “something old, something borrowed, something blue”?

Yes, I did accessorize, but I didn’t really do the “something old, something borrowed, something blue” thing. Well, I did have blue flowers in my hair! Our wedding was not traditional at all. We had no bridesmaids or groomsman, and we had our good friend — a Lakota Sioux Priestess — ordain us. We used non-traditional vows and other things you would not see in your “typical” wedding.

My earrings were one-off designs and my necklace was made by a local artist in my town. My ring was handmade and designed by myself. My shoes were very simple – comfortable taupe sandals with a small heel. I had henna done on my arms and hands before my wedding that morning at a local Indian salon.

Any tips for planning a wedding?

Well, my wedding was under $2,000. Our venue was free. My dress was very modestly priced. I didn’t have any bridesmaids or groomsman to worry about. My husband and I knew we always wanted a small, intimate wedding with very little frills. We are very simple — we didn’t want to spend a lot of money and wanted to be surrounded by our closest friends and family. If you want to keep it cheap, enlist friends and family to help! I had ten friends make and bring ten different pies. My brother did the film photography (I still paid him, but much less than a professional wedding photographer). Friends and family did the decorations. It made it a very fluid process to have so many friends help us out. Just make sure you have someone who can keep it all organized for you. My mom made a binder for us where we could write our ideas and keep track of money spent. It ended up working out very well!  

Simply enchanting. <3

Inspired by Erinn’s boho wedding dress? Check out other ethereal picks below!  “The One” is out there. Let us help you find it.

Pictured: Intricate Observance Dress, Ready, Set, Romance Dress, Grand Staircase Entry Dress, Harmonious Ceremony Dress 



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