‘Maids in the Shades: Color Palettes for Fall & Winter Bridesmaids

From the bridesmaid dresses to the bouquets, your wedding colors set the tone for every aspect of your big day. We pulled together four beautiful bridesmaid looks based on some of this season’s key color combos. These autumnal and wintery palettes should give you inspiration galore for your seasonably styled wedding party.

fall wedding colorsPictured: Occasion Elation Dress, Ties to the Occasion Dress, In a Classic All Its Own Heel, Sought That Swing Heel, Social Circles Necklace, Last Strand Necklace, Brings You to Your Peonies Clutch, Flourished and Foremost Hair Pin,

Combine gorgeous greens and golds for a bridesmaid look that’s full of rich and radiant allure. An emerald dress paired with golden heels and shimmery jewelry makes a vibrantly verdant statement.

fall wedding colorsPictured: Lace Database Dress, Applause of Nature Dress, All That Dazzle Heel, I’m Such a Fanfare of Yours Heel, Deco Decorum Necklace, Best Things Are Freedive Clutch, Flourish of Crumpets Fascinator.

Go for an elegantly neutral mix of slate gray, warm mocha, and ivory for a fall or winter bridesmaid look that swoons with sophistication. Pair with pearl accents to add some matte-plus-shimmery interplay.

fall wedding colorsPictured: Careful What You Lavish For Dress, All I Ever Flaunted Dress in Dusk, All I Ever Flaunted Dress in Mist, Polished Promise Heel, The Zest Is History Heel, Topping Points Fascinator, Receiving Drop Honors Earrings, For Better or Purse, Vow to Wow Necklace.

Choose complementary colors like dove gray, gunmetal, and cobalt for an exquisite mixture of bold and subdued hues. Add accents of blush, nude, and rustic reds for to pull this palette together.

fall wedding colorsPictured: Ties to the Occasion DressWoman Dapper My Own Heart Dress, Have the World by Detail HeelShimmer Down Now Heel, Burst Your Bauble Necklace, I’m Such a Fantasy of Your Work Fascinator, Receiving Drop Honors Earrings, Hooked on Symphonics Purse, Velvet Vitality Belt,

Pink is not a perpetually springy color — it can carry over to the fall and winter when you feature shades like dusty rose paired with burgundy and muted lavender. Regal and romantic, this pinky palette is sublime for the season.

+What color palettes are you drawn to for your wedding party? Check out our selection of unique bridesmaid dresses for more inspiration!

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