Kick Off Your Heels: Reception-Ready Wedding Shoes

The key to a brilliant big day lies right at your feet. The key to a wonderful wedding day, dear friends, is finding the right pairs of shoes.

Think about it. From walking down the aisle to dancing at the reception, weddings involve lots of footwork. How fantastic would it feel to be comfortable throughout the entire affair? For essential inspiration, we’ve rounded up must-have wedding shoes that transition from ceremony to reception with style and grace.

‘Dazzle’ Be the Day

Pictured: Bride and Precedence Dress in White, Astound of Music Heel, Paris, Prance Heel in Bleu

Sunny skies, joyful company, and an outfit that feels as fabulous as you do — sounds like a swoon-worthy celebration to us! We looked to sparkling stilettos and the Paris, Prance Heel in Bleu to complete an ensemble that’ll feel dreamy all day long. After a breathtaking outdoor ceremony, simply slip into these dance-ready heels and beeline to the reception in utter bliss.

Rustic Radiance

201608_110758_3316_800xVHPictured: Treasure Stroll Heel in Garden, Memorable Matrimony Dress in Petal, Divine Dining Flat

Barn weddings forever! Your look will fit right in the ethereal environment thanks to floral prints, pastel hues, and charming details. Can you picture it? Perhaps, pre-reception, taking a meandering stroll with an eccentric great-uncle as he divulges the secrets of marital bliss? It’s bound to be a long (and entirely heartwarming) conversation, and our Divine Dining Flats will remain captivatingly comfortable for its entirety.

‘Glitz’ Have Some Fun

Pictured: All Aisles on You Dress in Champagne, All That Dazzle Heel, A Shine Line Sandal

Surrounded by loved ones in a glamorous reception venue, you’ll be prepped to party in a champagne gown and shimmering sandals. Your peep-toe heels stunned at the ceremony, but you’re ready to raise a toast (or three) and dance away the evening with ease! When it comes to those in attendance who forgot their dancing shoes, point them in the direction of the open bar. Nothing like a few cocktails to keep them movin’ and groovin’ throughout the night!

+Which wedding ensemble is your fave?

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