Something New: The Non-Traditional Bouquet Toss

Spring wedding season is here, which means you might be attending a wedding (or maybe even planning one of your own). There’s lots to love about weddings (teary vows, the first dance, also…champagne and cake), but I’ll admit once the MC starts calling all the single ladies to the dance floor, I tend to make myself scarce. You can probably guess why—the bouquet toss is about to go down.

Pictured: Eye for the Divine Maxi Dress in Ivory

Love it or hate it, the bouquet toss is a constant stable of wedding festivities.  It’s never really been my favorite thing on the itinerary (again…there’s champagne and cake to be had), but that was until I heard about the breakaway bouquet.

A totally fresh approach to your more traditional bouquet, the breakaway bouquet looks normal at first, but it’s actually made up of a bunch of mini bouquets. That means when thrown, it separates and tada…

Bouquets for everyone! I love this idea so much. First, it’s a great way to include all your friends and not single anybody out. Second, it has the added element of surprise. Take that viral wedding dance videos—the breakaway bouquet is the next big thing.

For an extra special touch, tie each mini bouquet with ribbon and attach a love note or fortune. It can be sweet or silly—whatever you want. You’re the bride & nobody knows your girls better than you.

+So what do you think? Do you love this idea & want to see it at more weddings?

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  1. Sandi Miller 04/10/2017 at 10:19 am #

    love this idea I do wedding planning and will for sure be adding this to my weddings this summer…Sandi

  2. Bec 04/13/2017 at 6:44 pm #

    It’s not really the “only one person gets the bouquet” part of the bouquet toss that’s iffy, though. It’s the singling out of the single ladies (pardon the pun!)

    I don’t know if anybody actually expects these women to fight over catching the bouquet (or in this case, bouquets) like women do in the movies, but I never see that happen in real life. In real life you just get a group of women politely shuffling around, waiting for the toss to be over so they don’t have to be a spectacle in front of everyone anymore.

    People are mostly dressed in clothes and shoes that won’t work for even a mild game of catch, anyway. It’s a bad idea to pressure them into a game they’re not dressed for. And pressure is how guests get wrangled up to play, because they don’t really want to play this game, they’re just doing it to be a good sport.

    Most people want the guests on their best behavior at their wedding, and here’s a tradition that encourages the guests to jostle each other. It’s meant to liven things up, I know, but from casual observation, it tends to just make things awkward and embarrassing.

    Having the bouquet break apart as a surprise during a toss isn’t going to fix all those issues.

    The bouquet toss is not missed at the weddings that don’t do it. Some traditions simply need to be completely phased out. Can you imagine if people still insist on doing the “tear up the bride’s dress and keep a piece for good luck” tradition? The horror!

    Bouquets are expensive, why not keep it as a keepsake or give it to someone who is special like a best friend or grandmother? If you have several important people you would want to give the bouquet to, then that’s what a breakaway bouquet is good for.

    It’s just generally nicer to hand flowers to people like they’re gifts instead of tossing them at people like they’re trash 😉

    • Elisa 04/19/2017 at 9:46 am #

      “The bouquet toss is not missed at the weddings that don’t do it.”

      I’m inclined to disagree. My mom sneaked a bouquet into my flower free wedding 6 years ago, and I was completely flabbergasted. I’d said several times during the wedding planning process that I was not going to toss a bouquet. I ended up doing so to prevent a complete meltdown, and according to the photos there was a small scramble for it.

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