So Here’s a Question: Would You Wear a Toilet Paper Wedding Dress?

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I’m asking this in all seriousness. Because when I received an email last week showcasing the winners of the Tenth Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest, which was sponsored by Charmin obviously, I kinda thought I’d just see pictures of some tasteful DIY project that was lovely but also uncomfortably reminiscent of things I’d find in the ladies room. But then I clicked the link that accompanied said email because I always click the links in emails (!) and was totally surprised — “Whoa, these are kind of awesome,” I said to myself.

Sure, the dresses are made of toilet paper so you can come up with a handful of arguments about why that’s not an ideal fabric compared to, say, the comforts of organza, but let’s ignore that and the part about you not being able to spill water on yourself and just hone in on the designs, namely the embellishments. Pretty killer, right?toilet paper wedding dress

Grand Prize winner Susan Brennan took home $10,000 for her winning design, which featured a removable princess skirt. Check it out below, then sound off in the comments and let us know if you’d consider wearing a toilet paper wedding dress.

toilet paper dress

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